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Case Study

Promise Land Community Inc

Website Design + Brand Design

Promise Land Community is a company based in Fremont, Indiana providing a space for people with cognitive disabilities.


Promise Land has been a thriving community since 2019. To expand the reach of their community, Promise Land was looking to create a brand new website for new and existing members to keep up on the latest events and opportunities within the community. We wanted to design the website to reflect the environment and energy the Promised Land community has in person through the use of fundamental design principles and UX research. The keywords that were used to describe Promised Land were “Community, Family, and Friendship”. From there we began our design process to create a website that captures the essence of Promise Land. 


Figma, Webflow, Fundraise Up


Community, Family, and Friendship. We first began by choosing elements for the design, such as fonts and brand colors. One of the most important features of this website was accessibility. This led us to create a website that had a simple, yet informative design, including images that gave context as to what the user may be looking for, fonts that were easy to read, and colors that provided high visual contrast. 

This image shows the brand fonts and colors for the new Promise Land Website.
Brand fonts and colors for the new Promise Land Website.

When searching for a font, we ran through a number of different styles that captured friendliness and community. Something inviting, and easy to read. Source Serif Pro would be the main font, used for big headers. We chose a font that had some visual interest while maintaining its legibility. Out of all the serif fonts, Source Serif Pro had rounded serifs where most serif fonts pointed out. This was a unique feature that worked well with the overall design. Poppins would be for our body text, the simple shapes of each letter make it a perfect font to read in multiple sentences with ease, the wide and bubbly shape makes Poppins an especially inviting font, giving users a familiar and welcoming energy. 

When it came to picking out colors for Promise Land, we wanted to create a sense of community with the colors. Using the key words associated with Promise Land along with color psychology, we chose a light, earthy green color to represent nature and community. A light color was important to have as it creates high contrast when dark text is against it. 

We were also tasked with creating a logo for Promise Land. The logo design had to ring true to the keywords of the company. We wanted to invoke feelings of hominess while keeping it up to date and modern. Creating the logo included finding shapes and elements that involve the company. We looked for natural and organic shapes to include into the design. The ones below are the final four logos after narrowing them down. 

Final four potential logos for Promise Land's brand.
Final four potential logos for Promise Land's brand.

At the end, our client decided the best logo for them was this one.


When designing the website's layout, we included a good amount of white space to reduce the amount of visual clutter on each page, drawing the users eye into essential pieces of information. We included images alongside the text giving context to the users. Events are scannable in a grid layout where each event and its details are contained in a card. 

Low Fidelity Mockups of Promised Land's new website
Low Fidelity Mockups of Promise Land's new website.


Event cards for Promise Land's upcoming events section.
Event cards for Promise Land's upcoming events section.

Another important goal for the website is to encourage users to donate to the company. Our design encourages this behavior by dedicating a whole page to donations, explaining what the donations would be used for and the results of previous donations. We integrated a third-party application to handle donations, creating a seamless experience for users to learn about what they are supporting and where their donations will go. 

Descriptions of employment opportunities on the Promise Land Website
Descriptions of employment opportunities

Button to Promise Land's donation portal.
Button to Promise Land's donation portal.

Ultimately, the folks at Promise Land were quite satisfied with the work we did. At the end of the project, we set them up with a CMS so they can update their events page, and we also gave them a unique login so they can edit the text and images of their new website any time. We also partnered with the good folks at Fundraise Up to power the online donation portal. Fundraise Up uses the power of AI to increase online donations from website visitors.