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Case Study

Grant & Lewis LLC

Website & Branding Design

Grant & Lewis is a lease administration company that provides lease administration and consulting services for real estate investors and owners.


Grant & Lewis wanted to rebrand, modernize, and elevate their business. They were looking for a complete website and brand redesign. The Grant & Lewis brand needed to be simple so users could learn about their services as quickly as possible. The brand also needed to be sleek and classy, as many of the Grant & Lewis clientele happen to be billionaire clients. From here we began gathering inspiration from websites and brands that speak similarly to Grant & Lewis. 

An overview of the brand guide we designed for Grant & Lewis


Figma, Webflow. 


First, we gathered the keywords that represent Grant & Lewis. We worked with their leadership to develop four brand adjectives. Transparency, Ownership, Hard Work, and Trust.

Grant & Lewis' four brand adjectives.

Representing these four concepts visually means finding colors and fonts that speak to the voice of the brand. It also means using imagery that supports the ideas above.

The fonts we chose for Grant & Lewis

We chose the above fonts to give users a sense of modernity while also communicating a sense of professionalism and class. Libre Baskerville has a wide typeface with soft serifs that feel historical in a sense, standing the test of time. The secondary font lies within the Libre family: Libre Franklin in light and medium. These two are for the long sentences and paragraphs on the website. Libre Franklin light helps the eye not feel overstimulated with large bodies of text as the font is thin and leaves room for white space. The medium weight of Libre Franklin is used for subheadings and areas that need attention but do not require the main font. 

The Grant & Lewis brand colors.

When it comes to trust and safety, blue is the color associated with these feelings. The color palette is minimal (just black, white, and bright blue) and allows for the images and words of the website to speak for themselves while maintaining the brand's voice of trust and professionalism. Once we created a guide for the color and font, the next step was to upgrade the Grant & Lewis Logo. Here is what the logo looked like before. 

The previous logo Grant & Lewis were using.

Although the logo is recognizable as Grant & Lewis, the bright blue and green colors along with the shiny texture of the logo comprise brand elements that were more common for a website of the early 2000s. We wanted to update the logo to something more minimal that would stand the test of time. Logos that are scalable and able to look great in front of every background that you can think to put it on are simultaneously simple and elegant. We decided to create a sleek, minimal logo that was still recognizable as Grant & Lewis.

The new Grant & Lewis logo we designed.

When creating the website, it was important to maintain whitespace and give each paragraph room for users to comfortably read. Our client was responsible for choosing photography they felt would match best with their brand. Here are some quick shots of the final layout. 

A preview of the website we designed for Grant & Lewis

Ultimately, the client was happy with the work we turned in, and we’re working with Grant & Lewis on another project starting early 2022!