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Meet the Designer


What I Stand For

My values describe our way of live, how I interact with the world, and what my clients can expect from me.

I am a lifelong learner.

I'm excited by new challenges and love expanding my knowledge. When I encounter a previously unsolved problem, I do my research before blindly tackling it (and I seriously enjoy the research part).

I embrace compassion and empathy.

Not only does this help me strive to be a kinder human, but it also strengthens my design skills. When we place ourselves in others’ shoes, we can better understand their needs and desires, which makes us better at designing products to solve those needs and meet those desires.

I work hard af.

There’s no slacking here. When I join a team, everyone pulls their weight and we celebrate one another’s successes.

I am transparent.

You might have heard “honesty is the best policy.” At Codey Design Inc, honesty is the only policy. I am honest with clients, and I'm honest with my teammates. I keep my goals realistic and attainable. I don’t promise more than I can deliver, and I don’t deliver less than what I’ve promised.

I challenge my assumptions.

It’s really the only way to grow as a professional and as a human. I check my preconceived notions at the door and we ask “why.” A lot.

I Stay Humble.

I believe that no member of any team knows more than any other member. No member of the team is more important than any other member. I like to work with teams who recognize our privilege, and give credit where credit is due.

I maintain a strong work-life balance.

Although I work hard af when I'm on the clock, when I'm off the clock, I'm off the clock. I do not keep my work email on my phone. I do not keep Slack on my phone. Humans are more than our careers. We are more than mindless cogs in the Capitalist machine.

I have fun.

I take my work seriously, but I have a good time doing it.


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Codey Albers
CEO & Head of Design

I started freelancing as a UI/UX designer in 2018, focusing on projects that empower historically excluded communities. I've worked with startups, nonprofits, and global corporations. My main goal with design is to mobilize intuitive User Experiences that empower progressive social change. When I'm not designing, I enjoy seeking out--and sitting in--excessively large chairs.

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